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progress through Story mode to unlock the following arenas: Armory Arena, canada Arena, england Arena. Everyone Has Standards : Joey Styles, the long time ECW announcer, was disgusted with

Mick Foley 's famous Hell in a Cell match at the 1998 King of the Ring, as revealed on the alternate commentary to said match on one of Foley's DVD sets. Maato Tanaka match at ECW November to Remember 1999, November 7, 1999, Awesome hit a sit-out Awesome Bomb from the ring apron through a table to the floor. Of course, also using his Twitter account to run down Barack Obama and the Democrats generally comes in handy too, as this chimes with Vince's personal politics. Bilingual Bonus : During the lucha libre matches in ECW, he would yell "AY dios MIO!" instead of his trademark "OH MY GOD". Consequences Creed: Successfully complete the game, and watch the credits. That isn't to say that it's inherently bad, but it doesn't match up to what they had less than a decade. He revealed Aksana 's removal on WWE NXT Season 3 before it was shown, then apologized for the reveal and insulted NXT at the same time a week later. TNA Impact: Cross The Line, advertisement, bonus characters. Yes-Man : Is one of the few WWE employees to not be this to Vince McMahon. Let's run down a partial list of Styles' Twitter shenanigans: He revealed Bryan Danielson 's return just minutes before it actually happened. Shown Their Work : Styles was one of the first commentators to take the fans seriously and use the technical names of moves (i.e. Combat Commentator : Unlike the usual wimpy backstage announcers, in ECW, Styles wasn't above hitting back when heel wrestlers picked on him. Large Ham Megane Non-Action Guy Only Sane Man : Frequently. Brief: Lindsey Stirling Talks Eating Disorder, Best Brooklyn Jazz Clubs, Elaine Stritch Dead at 89, Passinho in New York. He was the first, the last, and the only play-by-play announcer in the wrestling business to call entire live pay-per-views solo (that is, without a color commentator to give him some breathing time and explain moves - "wasn't done before me, hasn't been done since!". "enzuigiri not "an amazing kick! What's fitting is that I just checked their championship page and all three of the names listed are holding the gold, so even Impact knows where their bread is buttered. He promptly signed on with Beyond Wrestling, chikara, and evolve, but was fired from all three promotions in November of that year over a very controversial remark made towards a female ring announcer during an evolve event. Beware the Nice Ones : The nerdy-looking, glasses-wearing journalist/commentator? Arch-Enemy : WCW, Bill Alfonso and, taz, Cyrus and the Network, John "Bradshaw" Layfield. Styles was well-loved by fans for his commentary skills and snarky attitude, and when ECW folded, it took gay a while, but he eventually signed with WWE and took up the play-by-play mic. Cool Old Guy Did You Just Punch Out Cthulhu?

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Click: Dana Carvey Chopping Broccoli, Charlie Haden Appreciation, James Franco.The, long Shrift, 30th Bessie Awards.

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AJ Styles - though they are both phenomenal.He's now decided to mock the new WWE policy of never using the word "wrestling".


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(To someone off camera) I can't say that on the air, I'll never get an agent.".Suicide: Progress through Story mode.Best answer: Not at all.Especially when Paul Heyman is around.”