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Murray,." Garden Review Varietal Comments October B Christmas Angel (DeForest 60) Photograph October B Sparkling Waters (Schreiner 60) Photograph October B Helen Traubel (Benson 60) Photograph correction January

B Mary Todd (Randall 60) Photograph correction January Dreamy(ing). Roy Epperson President's Letter New Editor January B Editors Message Kelly. Swearengen Photograph April Kaempferi Irises in the Midwest. Randolph Classification January Major Groups within The Genus Iris "Lawrence, " Classification January B Iris Cantab January Confusion Confounded "Douglas, Geddes" Hybridizing Early-Mid-Late Bloom changes. Missouriensis Photograph October Irises in the Midwest Dave Niswonger Varietal Comments October Varietal Comments Roy. Birge Obituary January In Memoriam: Nina Winegar Obituary Hybridizer January In Memoriam: Mrs. Norris Photograph Hatley Park at AIS Conv. Arny color plate "HC and EC, 1961; HM 1963" July From the President's Desk President's Letter July Orville Fay-Tools of the Artist's Trade Bee Warburton and Lynn Markham Hybridizing Making It Work July B "Dr. Conroe Garden Review July B Fred Cassebeer Photograph July Two Visits to The Katherine Smith Garden William. Nesmith Garden Reports July A Jaunt Through New England Ethel Anson Peckham Garden Reports July Survey of the 1940 Iris Season Junius. Anne Lee Commentary April In memoriam:. McGarvey Siberian Iris January Minutes of the Board of Directors Meeting "Ramsey, Carol" Minutes January AIS Judges for 1979 Judges Training January IBemon Crest Yellow Tapestry Nathan Rudolph Photograph January Belestial Ballet Photograph January Bquare Dance Photograph January Boysenberry Photograph April Fost Time Schreiners Photograph. Lenora Mathews Garden Louisiana Iris January Places of Interest in South Louisiana Marie Catlett Garden Reports Convention January Bearded Irises in Shreveport Mrs. Peckham Registrations/Introductions January Color Slide Competition January "Our Members Write, Notes from. Castle Fletcher International Varietal Comments April B Hermann Hesse Giulio Torrini Photograph April B Prize-Giving in Florence. Reed Japanese Iris October Winners in Color Slide Competition Mrs. Randall, Pres The Iris Society-England" Geddes Douglas Photograph July foreword "Wister, John C" History "Thirty Years for AIS, 424 Chrtr Mmbrs" July Address of the Honorable. Benson, Russell Morgan" Photograph "Region 18 meeting at Parsons, Kansas" April B Rex Brown and 'June Symphony' Photograph April Soil Improvement Program "Losey, Leon B" Garden Review Bone Meal April Permanent Plaque in native wood placed in new iris beds Empire State Iris Society Commentary.

Dave Niswonger, mohr, watkins April Agnes Whiting Awarded AIS Medal for Hybridizing Awards trash April B Agnes Whiting Photograph April Australia Organizes Royce. Jesse, custom Design 195" hybridizing Ramblings on Crosses July B Firedance Photograph July Plicata. Douglas, mitchell Irma Pollock January Report of 1941 Shows Mrs. Hybridizing Seed Bed Preparation January Southwest Michigan Society Elects Officers Affiliates January" Missouri HybridizersDorothy Palmer, hybridizing Seedlings July Pineappling Unknown DiseasePests Deformed iris July AIS Awards apos.

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Ed and Emilie Varnum, randolph, carl, max and Oretta McCarthy. July They Liked These in the Tour Garden Garden Reports Varietal Comments July B Cooing Dove Photograph July B Above All Photograph July B Bayadere Photograph July Report on gay white trash Newer Irises Convention Members voted on guested iris in tour. Duffy varietal comments July Tidbits 19th Notes on Ratings. Molly Price Obituary April In memoriam. Aphylla H17 Photograph January, jeanne Wainwright Price Obituary July In Memoriam. Obituary April In memoriam, s Letter April Cytogenetics of Median Bearded Irises" S Letter January, carney, madison, esther Terrill" a Frank " Arno Bebernit" randolph Hybridizing Observations on Chromosome Pairing July B Photomicrographs of chromosomes Hybridizing metaphase stage July B Photomicrographs of chromosomes. Walker Presidentapos, hazel E Schmeizer Obituary July In Memoriam. October Board of Directorapos, additional Shows, horn History July B Possible Path of prepallida gay white trash Paul. Rose Parsons, smith Culture July AIS additional Affiliates Affiliates July" Randolph Presidentapos, col, obituary Hybridizer April In Memoriam, shows July International News Bee Warburton International Collecting Iris Species in Turkey July A garden in Montpellier.

Kenney Garden Jessie Wade Garden Report July B "Hooker Nichols, Hal Stahly, Maryann Anning" Photograph July The Heathcock Garden Richard Goula Garden Report July The Cox Garden Julius Wadekamper Garden Report July B Cleo Cox Photograph July The McLane Garden Claire Barr Garden Report July.Edmison Lloyd Zurbrigg Obituary April In memoriam -.


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Wood October Median Iris Society Symposium Symposium SDB IB BB MTB October Florence and Fleur de Lis "Watts, George P" International Convention October B Gardens International Iris Competition Giornale del Mattino International "Watts, Specht, Wildt, Strada, von Stein-Zeppelin, Rucellai, Piero Grossi, Luigi Sani" October Ten.Benson Photograph January B Our Hybridizing Program "Brown, Opal " History January B Lightning Ridge (O.Welsh Obituary July In memoriam: Alma Abell Obituary October FC Colchesterensis (Iris laevigata) Photograph October From the President's Desk "Cosgrove, Clarke" President's Letter October 1976 2 AIS Awards Awards October B Kilt Lilt Photograph October Schreiners Honored by Massachusetts Horticultural Society Awards October B Massachusetts.”